Our Story

We started with our own homes; then a fun journey called the Pallet Project; we learned what we love, what we will never do again and the end result is East Coast Home.

We love every minute of our journey!

Jenalee and Tracy

We're soul sisters and best friends who are creating spaces to bring little bits of rustic and coastal beauty to your home. We aren't experts, but we love home design, yoga and good wine. We really get excited over creating homes that reflect our laidback outlook to life. Who are we? We are the ladies next door, your fitness instructor, your everyday mom and your craziest friend. We have a background in life, a Masters in motherhood, and a Ph.D. in just going for it!

Our First Employees

Our first worker bees are our partners in love and life and our six daughters. They help with the sweat and tears work. They are lifetime employees!

1,000 Happy Customers

We are getting there!

Why Us?

What we do is a labour of love.

Each piece we make or project we complete reflects our East Coast style and attention to comfort and function. Let us bring a little coastal charm into your home.